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  • What is Temvez?

    Temvez is the 100% Dutch designed, built, owned and operated online booking system designed to help your business grow.


    It is an affordable, easy-to-use and most importantly user-friendly online booking system, with features designed to save you time and money, whilst growing your client base!


  • Will Temvez suit my business?

    If you take bookings from clients, and are looking for a means of managing and growing your appointments, then Temvez is a fit for your business.


    Temvez is designed to take bookings on a one-to-one basis. So if you see one client per appointment slot in your calendar, and work similar hours each week, Temvez is the system for you.


  • Do i need to install any software?

    No. Temvez is a web based application, which means all you need is a computer and an internet connection to connect to your system via your secure logins we provide.

  • What do clients see?

    When clients book an appointment they will:


    1 Choose the appointment type to book

    2 If the appointment can be booked on different calendars, then they'll get a list of calendars to book with or can choose "any available" to see the combined availability (want to change this?)

    3 Pick an available date and time for the appointment

    4 Fill out their first name, last name, phone, and e-mail. These will always be asked for, they're the basis for reminders and your client list. (require phone number?)

    5 Complete any custom forms you created

    6 Pay for the appointment if needed. If you use PayPal clients will be redirected to to pay.

    7 Finally the appointment is confirmed. You and clients are immediately sent an e-mail confirmation. Clients will also have the option to register for an account to remember their information (want to disable that?)


    If you don't want clients to book their own appointments then within the settings for each of your appointment types change the access to "admin only".


  • Are there any limits on how many bookings I can take each month?

    Definitely not! We don't believe in limiting your use of the system. You are free to make and take as many bookings as you can each month.

  • I am having trouble setting up my system, can you help?

    We certainly can. We offer a complete system setup service, free of charge, and can get you up and running within 48 hours. Just fill in the details here and we will take care of the rest.

  • Is my data safe and confidential?

    Temvez is highly secure. All bookings are confidential, all access is fully password protected and all sensitive information including details of customer bookings cannot be viewed by others.


    We have a 128 bit SSL certificate, encrypting all information in the system. The application lives on our secure servers, backed up every hour offsite. So you can rest assured that your calendar and bookings are in good hands.


  • How do my clients view my calendar?

    By placing the Book Now link on your website, your clients will be able to click and open your calendar to view available appointment slots.

  • Can my clients see details of other bookings?

    No. Clients only see available slots. We never show any other booking information, or even if other slots are "booked" or "cancelled". Your privacy is of great importance to us.

  • What if I need to take a booking over the phone or in person?

    Clients are still going to call or come in to see you and need to make appointments. We would never expect you to only take bookings online, which is why the system has a comprehensive backend which allows you to manually create and change bookings.



  • Do I need a website?

    No. Whilst having a website is a great benefit to your business for many reasons, you don't need one to run Temvez.


    The Book Now button can be placed on your Facebook page, or listing in a directory such as the Natural Therapy Pages, or even your email signature! Alternately, you can just give the URL of your calendar interface to your clients, for them to visit directly.


  • Is there a risk of no-shows?

    As with any client booking, there is always the risk that someone won't show up unfortunately. Temvez minimises that risk however, by giving you the ability to send automated appointment reminders to your clients via email or SMS.


    If you are concerned about no-shows, we suggest using Temvez to take payment at the time of the booking, either in full or a deposit, to significantly reduce the risk.


  • I want to change my schedule, how do i do that?

    Once your schedule is in the system (in what we call an Appointment Template), Temvez will continue to generate it each week for you.


    To alter your schedule, just go to your Appointments Slot Management page in the system, accessible from the Management menu. You can create a whole new schedule, or copy from an existing or old schedule to save time.



  • My schedule varies each day, does Temvez support that?

    Temvez scheduler is one of our most versatile features, so you can customise it to suit your specific needs. Start at 3pm one day and 9am the next? Want to add a 5 minute break between appointment slots? Only offer a specific service one day of the week? All possible with Temvez!


    Like any online booking system however, Temvez works better if you have a set schedule that you follow each week. So whilst each day of the week can be different, the system will generate that schedule week in and week out, until you tell it differently.


  • What do I do if I go on holidays or need an afternoon off?

    Temvez has a Day Override feature, allowing you to edit single days in the system without affecting your entire schedule. So you can block out a morning or afternoon, whole day or weeks in the system with just a few simple clicks.

  • How do I let my clients know that their booking has been addedto my calendar?

    You don't! Temvez will automatically send an email confirmation to your clients once you click Confirm from the Awaiting Confirmation page, accessible via the My Bookings tab. You can add a customised note to your client if needed before sending, which will appear on the email the system sends.


    If you client has chosen to be notified via phone however, you may still want to give them a ring.


  • Can I run reports on clients and bookings?

    Yes. Just head to the Booking Search page via the My Bookings tab to run a search on your bookings. You can filter by any number of criteria, and then export to a .csv file.


    You can do the same with your client database, by visiting the Customer Management page via the Management tab.


  • I take mobile bookings. Can I do this with Temvez?

    Yes. The system allows for you and your clients to input a booking location for each appointment made via the system. The address is stored against the booking and viewable on all emails and appointment records.

  • Does Temvez integrate with other software?

    Temvez is a stand alone web based software, so does not integrate with other systems at this point. There is the ability to export certain data out in .csv format, so depending on your needs and the other piece of software you use, you may be able to import some appointments data across.


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